our tools and services


We design and make freely available tools and frameworks to guide you through a collaborative strategy-making exercise.

Available tools:

Cluster business model 

a visual tool and a guide for its application

Innovation-centric cluster design assessment and recommendations

a set of recommendations for fine-tuning your cluster business model and boosting your cluster's innovation outcomes


To accompany our tools and guides, we offer a range of workshops. These are proposed for a fee which would help support our current and future research. These include:

Introduction to business modelling

a seminar on the practical application of the cluster business model

Guided business modelling exercise

facilitation of a business modelling exercise for your cluster

On-demand webinars & workshops


​We are building a research community to conduct collaborative research and provide insights to the cluster practitioners.

Some of our areas of interest:

  • clusters' transition towards sustainability

  • collaborative cluster management techniques

  • cluster evaluation methods

  • cluster innovation promotion tools, approaches and techniques